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The Hoisington Family has been in North America for more than 350 years. The earliest documented Hoisington in North America was not named Hoisington, but John Horsington. Other early Horsingtons in America have been found in Virginia and North Carolina and we believe there is a connection, but as yet that connection has not been found. We have just begun research to connect the Hoisingtons and Horsingtons in Great Britain, Australia, and other parts of the world. As sufficient information is found to document Horsington individuals and family groups, we will post the information to the website.

This web page is an attempt to gather all information on the Hoisingtons and Horsingtons in one place and to foster further research. For that reason and because the database is a large one, this page will always be "Under Construction".

The Hoisington Mailing List Members

Harriette Jensen, web host

Hoisington Gatherings

We met for the 9th Annual Hoisington Gathering at the Recreation Room of Old South Church in Windsor VT on Saturday, July 30th for a potluck, info sharing, and general get-together. Although attendance was a bit down this year (we had only 25-30 people and we have had as many as 50), we had a great time and I met some really nice folks and got to visit with several that I remembered from earlier reunions. Thanks again to Laura Robinson and Linda Farnsworth who do all the work to make it happen.

Amber McGlynn, who is the Secretary for the NY Hoisington Reunion, provided me with a copy of their book, which has the minutes from the first 50 years plus photographs and newspaper clippings. I'll be checking it to make sure that I have everything included.

Next year will be the 10th reunion, so we're going to try and make it really special and hope that you will make a special effort to come. I'm going to try to prepare some kind of presentation/handout regarding the first four generations of our common ancestors in America and give a little information about the Horsingtons in England and elsewhere that I have found. If you have suggestions for other activities, things you'd like to see in the vicinity, etc., let me know either by email or on the Facebook page. We've already scheduled the Windsor church's social hall for the last Saturday in July, so mark your calendars. If you would like to attend, contact Laura Robinson or Linda Farnsworth or myself, Harriette Jensen .

If you have, or know about, other Hoisington-related reunions, we would be happy to post information about them. Please let us know if they are open to all Hoisington/Horsington descendants or if they are restricted to a particular descent line or geographical area. Photos are also welcome.

Want to Contribute to the Site?

We encourage all Hoisington researchers to submit their family information. Information on living persons will not appear on the database. You can submit your information either by email, regular mail or by submitting "suggestions" (a tab on each individual's page). If you would like a form sent to you, contact Harriette Jensen. Family photos and stories are definitely welcome also.

"For those who are gone, and paved the way, we will not let them be forgotten."

The information on this site is a work in progress. Please do not assume that all information you find on this site is completely accurate until you can validate it with your own research. It may be freely copied for personal genealogical research. It may not, however, be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever, and copied material should include any documentation cited.